On Saturday, October 8, 2022 at approximately 1818 hours, I, Investigator Jonathon Gronvall along with Investigator Patrick Bailey II were conducting rounds on the property of Harry’s Metals (Metalico) at 943 Hazel St. Akron, OH 44305 when we came upon two white males, later identified as Joey Beddenbaugh (DOB 02/21/80) and Ryan Knapp (DOB 10/29/93). Beddenbaugh was underneath a vehicle sawing off parts when we came out of the clearing and Investigator Bailey ordered him out and to show his hands. I then ordered Beddenbaugh to the ground, face down, at taser point. I then saw Knapp behind another vehicle and called him out to Investigator Bailey who went over to detain Knapp. Once Knapp was detained in handcuffs, I handed another set of handcuffs to Investigator Bailey to place on Beddenbaugh as I held cover for Bailey’s contact. Once both subjects were detained, Akron Police were contacted by Bailey and arrived on scene at approximately 1838 hours. Akron PD officers took custody of Beddenbaugh and Knapp. Prior to their departure, Akron Fire medics were on scene to medically clear one of the subjects. Royce Protective service arrived to the triggered alarm, never exiting their vehicle. The contact for Harry’s Metals (Metalico) was on scene at this time and advised the responding Royce car to leave. After Fire departed, Akron PD dispatched a wagon to transport the subjects, departing the property at approximately 2003 hours. The individuals were photographed and charged with felony breaking and entering as well as both having warrants out of Columbiana and Portage counties. The saw-zaw and criminal tools were recovered by myself and Bailey in the immediate vicinity of Knapp, and given to Akron PD as evidence, as well as a purple backpack that the subjects admitted ownership over. More details in secondary report to follow. EOR

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