Human Trafficking – New Types of Criminals

Thirty years ago, bad guys looked like bad guys. Teenagers and young adults had to be careful going out , travel in pairs , never leave your keys , food or beverages unattended. You could spot a “creepy guy” immediately and avoided contact. So as our world evolves so do criminals and their MO’s or the way they operate. They got more sophisticated with technology and using how addicting our phones are. 

Recently we’ve came across a gang of human trafficking operating in small town USA.  They have several groups of 2 man crews and one man operators. These people can be male or female and usually look small in stature and un-intimidating . So you don’t notice them or feel threatened. Their job is to scout out soft targets for the group of 2.  

The observe young males and females who are alone from leaving work, school or a shopping center. While watching they pay attention to the targets if the are busy fumbling with keys, phone, books or packages. Are they on the phone talking or texting while walking to their car. After a few days of this behavior they walk by and place a zip tie on the rear passenger door. 

Within a week the person is snatched up by the two man team. It’s quick efficient with little or no attention. These kidnappers have every thing they need to carry out the plan. Restraints, drugs to make them comply, vehicle for transport and places to securely hold their targets. 

The scary thing with human trafficking is what the use these targets/victims for. The obvious is sex workers, pornography and etc. But the reason males are victims is the black market regarding human body parts. 

Here at Ohio Security & Investigations our main goal to keep our clients and the the public safe . These perpetrators are difficult for police to locate, so teaching others how to be safe and stay safe is our priority. 

The case I’m talking about recently located 4 victims and arrested 6 defendants. 

Stay safe!



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