Private Investigation “Romeo Thief”

We were hired by a woman who was swindled by a “romeo thief “. These guys prey upon women who are 35-50 and single for various reasons. Often they are career minded and have some expendable income. These guys pay attention to their every need, conversation and chick flicks. They go above and beyond with simple gestures and quick smile notes. 


Soon they fall in love with these guys, because not only tending to their wants and needs, they spin a tale of heartache and loss from their past to gain sympathy. Eventually the female ” helps” her new friend by giving him money, cars ,boats and guns. Once he has achieved all he can, he dumps her and moves on taking everything with him. 


Today Ohio Security & Investigations stopped a “romeo thief “ and recovered $55,000 in a truck and boat, guns, stolen coins from her grandparents farm and more. With a coordinated effort with Bazetta Township Police, and Ashtabula Police the plan went off without a hitch. Thanks to everyone involved, I love it when a plan comes together. 


Brenda Rider

Ohio Security & Investigations

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