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Ohio Security & Investigations is a proud member of the National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS) and ServeNow. Being a member enables Ohio Security & Investigations to maintain high standards in the process service industry. Clients can expect exceptional and reliable legal support services such as process serving, skip tracing, and more.

Standard Service $75.00

All legal documents can be emailed. There is an additional charge for printing if the documents exceed 25 pages at a rate of $0.15 per page. Alternatively, the documents can be mailed directly to our office. We offer a notarized affidavit of service free of charge. We make the first attempt of service within 72 hours. We make three attempts per person, per address.


Next Day Service $129.00

All legal documents can be emailed. There is an additional charge for printing if the documents exceed 25 pages at a rate of $0.15 per page. Alternatively, the documents can be mailed directly to our office. We offer a notarized affidavit of service free of charge. We make the first attempt of service within 24 hours. We make three attempts per person, per address.

Same Day Service $199.00

All legal documents can be emailed. There is an additional charge for printing if the documents exceed 25 pages at a rate of $0.15 per page. Alternatively, the documents can be mailed directly to our office. We offer a notarized affidavit of service free of charge. For documents received before 12 noon, we make the first attempt within 4 hours. We make three attempts per person, per address.

Private investigator, Youngstown, Ohio

OSI provides efficient, professional process serving in Oil City, PA by highly trained servers committed to timely and proper delivery of legal documents.

Why Should you Choose Ohio Security & Investigations to Serve your Legal Documents?

01 - Licensed

Ohio Security & Investigations is a licensed and reliable security and investigation firm. Operating under Ohio Homeland Security License Number #20212100425488, we offer credible and effective solutions to meet your security needs while meeting all PISGS requirements.

02 - Experience

The Ohio Security & Investigations company provides top-of-the-line and professional document serving services. Our highly skilled and experienced team of process servers is composed of former law enforcement officers, former military personnel, and fugitive recovery experts that guarantee their expertise in any legal document serving task. Their possession of the necessary skills for such a complex job, the team is able to provide clients with reliable, accurate and efficient services. We pride ourselves in meeting and exceeding clients' expectations with a top-notch level of service that sets us apart from the competition. Additionally, our services extend beyond legal document serving to related services as well. Trust Ohio Security & Investigations to handle all your legal document serving needs with expertise and professionalism.

03 - Clear Upfront Pricing

We offer services starting at $75.00, including Next Day Service for $129.00 or Same Day Service for $199.00. Reimbursement: 62.5 cents/mile (35+ miles). $0.15/page after 25 pages. Additional fees: $75.00 per person/address, $75.00 for skip tracing, $100.00 per hour wait time (min. 1 hour). Surveillance is $100.00/hour, 3-hour minimum.


    When considering the intricate process of serving legal papers, it is wise to keep in mind that experience is more than just an added bonus - it is absolutely vital. The seasoned professionals who have spent a significant amount of time in the field of process serving have acquired unique and effective tricks of the trade that can significantly streamline their work. These methods can include the use of photography to ensure that the defendant has indeed been served with the legal documents. The importance of proper service cannot be overstressed, and these professionals understand that oversight in this regard can have significant consequences. Thus, they leave nothing to chance and go above and beyond in their efforts to capture detailed photos that clearly show that the service of subpoena, summons, or complaint has taken place. In addition, process servers know that a defendant may actively refuse service, which can greatly complicate matters. To ensure the credibility of court records in such instances, they utilize video recording methods that serve as ironclad proof that the defendant has indeed refused service. This comprehensive process allows for a clear presentation of evidence in court and can prevent discrepancies from arising during legal proceedings. It is clear that experience and professionalism are crucial when it comes to selecting a reliable process server. By hiring a professional who has a deep understanding of the legal process and the best practices that ensure a smooth and successful outcome, clients can rest assured that their case is in the most capable hands. Do not hesitate to prioritize experience and meticulous attention to detail when seeking out a process server, as this could make all the difference in the ultimate success of your case.


    Process servers are individuals who are tasked with a significant responsibility in the legal system: serving court documents and legal notices. However, their role is multifaceted, and they must maintain extremely high levels of professionalism and ethical conduct while carrying out their duties. This is because their actions can significantly influence the outcomes of legal cases, and they are essential components of the justice system. To ensure that they are not mistaken for law enforcement officials who have the power to carry out arrests, it is vital that process servers wear badges while on duty. These badges not only establish their legitimacy but also help to minimize confusion or concerns among recipients of the documents. However, it is important to be aware of local laws and regulations, as some might prohibit the use of badges under certain circumstances. Process servers must also be careful not to abuse their badges to coerce or engage in immoral behavior. Instead, they should strive to maintain their integrity and always act within legal and ethical boundaries. In conclusion, it cannot be overstated how essential process servers are to the legal system, and they must continue to carry out their duties with professionalism and the utmost level of integrity.


    Our Ohio investigators are highly skilled professionals who specialize in locating individuals who wish to remain hidden. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the task of finding people who don’t want to be found. Whether you’re looking for a long-lost friend or family member, need to track down a debtor, or are seeking to serve legal papers, our investigators have the tools and knowledge to get the job done quickly and efficiently. In addition to their impressive track record of success, our registered investigators are also trained to handle potentially dangerous situations involving violent individuals who refuse to cooperate. Their advanced skills and training give them the ability to effectively manage these situations, ensuring that the safety of our clients is always the top priority. So if need to locate someone who has gone missing or is actively avoiding contact, contact us today and trust our skilled investigators to help bring you the answers you need.


    Ohio residents have access to a wide range of exceptional and comprehensive private investigation services. These services can cover everything from trademark investigations to workplace violence investigations and even workers’ compensation investigations. Additionally, sexual harassment investigations, background investigations, child support investigations, and custody investigations are often provided. Another area of expertise lies in identity theft investigations, infidelity investigations (commonly referred to as cheating spouse investigations), and insurance fraud investigations. Innovative services such as internet dating investigations, missing persons investigations, and social media investigations are on offer as well. Private investigators in Ohio are also experienced in more specialized services that include wrongful death investigations, people locates, and vehicle locates. Skip tracing, criminal record searches, civil record searches, integrity checks, witness statements, surveillance, and process serving are additional areas where Ohio private investigators excel. With such a wide range of expertise, Ohio residents can feel confident that the services they receive are unmatched in quality and scope.


    It's of utmost importance for you to know that, as an individual, you have certain rights when it comes to dealing with process servers. In the event that a process server comes knocking at your door, it's important to remember that you have the authority to decide whether or not to permit them entry into your premises. Additionally, process servers may also appear at your workplace, but you have the right to assert your rights in this situation as well. Nevertheless, it's crucial to keep in mind the reason why the process server is trying to serve you. In situations where the process server attempts to serve you with legal documents related to a court case, it's essential that you acknowledge and accept the papers. Refusing to accept the documents or ignoring the service could potentially result in legal complications down the road. Despite being served improperly, the court can still proceed with the case. As such, it's wise to handle these situations responsibly and calmly, with the guidance of experienced legal professionals who can assist you in making informed decisions while protecting your rights.


    It's crucial to emphasize the significance of taking the appropriate steps when you have legal documents being served to you. Neglecting to follow the proper procedure can result in serious consequences that may have long-term effects on your life. It's essential to understand and respect the legal system's safeguards and ensure that you receive the necessary documents. Skipping out on this process can lead to the utilization of alternative methods that can ultimately delay the legal process and cost you more time and resources. It's important to note that interfering with the process server's job or declining to accept legal documents could result in being held in contempt of court. The penalties associated with contempt range from hefty fines to imprisonment, making it crucial to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney who can help you navigate this situation seamlessly. With their expertise, you can handle the circumstance proficiently and ensure the best possible outcome for your legal issues.

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