Missing Children

Runaway children at risk of sex trafficking

Help Us locate Missing & Exploited Children, Runaways, Stolen Children, Parental Child Abductions, Kidnappings, Sex Trafficking.


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About Us

We have a roster of Private Investigators consisting of current and retired law enforcement professionals. We are licensed with the State of Ohio and each of our Private Investigators are registered with the Private Investigator Security Guard Services (PISGS). We pride ourselves in the quality of our detailed reports along with photographic and video evidence regarding your case. Each case is handled with confidentiality and our investigators understand the importance of discreetness. We handle almost every type of case from domestic to criminal. Some of our cases include but aren’t limited to:

    Infidelity investigations, Insurance fraud, Workers' compensation fraud, missing persons, missing or stolen property recovery, child custody concerns, background investigations, bug sweeping, covert surveillance, protection/bodyguard services, executive protection, loss prevention, faulty medical equipment, nursing home abuse or fraud and corporate and business investigations.

A+ Investigations & Protection takes pride in protecting you and what’s yours.